Solqube: 3D Portable Solar System to Power Your Home and Your Business All-in-one

World's first 3D Solar Power Charger from 1KW to 2KW to build your home solar system without technical skills. No installation!

Solqube Travel Go

1KW Solar System Portable

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Solqube Smart Home 2KW: what problem solve?

Solqube Smart Home 1KW

Solqube Travel Go 1KW: where to use?

SMALL - PORTABLE - POWERFUL Solqube Smart Home 1KW Inverter

Solqube: how to work?

  1. place Solqube in front of the sun (at 12:00 AM) on your balcony, in your garden,...
    Solqube Smart Home how to work
  2. use our 5 meter cable to connect to your home system: plug a cable into the "ON GRID" socket of Solqube and the other end of the cable plug it into your home electrical outlet [PS.: You can use the second socket of Solqube, the "OFF GRID" socket, to connect your small appliances directly to Solqube]
  3. turn on your Solqube's main switch. End!
  4. (Optional) If your Solqube has the WI-FI device for electrical consumption, you can use your mobile phone and our APP to see in real time: the power absorbed, the power generated, the supply voltage ... and more.

Technical data

Solqube Travel go technical data
Solqube Travel Go
1.000 Watt
AC @ 230V / 50Hz or (@ 110V / 60Hz)
2 Universal Sockets 230V (or 110V)
2 USB plug 5V 2100mA
100A (1200Wh)
One lithium battery
50 Kg
120 x 70 x 60 cm
Solqube Smart Home technical data
Solqube Smart Home
2.000 Watt
AC @ 230V / 50Hz or (@ 110V / 60Hz)
Two Universal Sockets 230V (or 110V)
Two USB plug 5V 2100mA
200A (2400Wh)
Two lithium batteries
70 Kg
120 x 140 x 60 cm
solqube power AC 220 110 fridge phones fan notebook tv led lamps tablet USB

Solqube use the Scuba Panels

Scuba panels VS Traditional panels

Have you ever thought of compressing a one-square-meter photovoltaic panel in a palm of your hand? Imagine compressing an area of 10 square meters of photovoltaic panels (3x3m) in just one cubic meter.

Today this is possible and is called Scuba panel!Solqube desktop VS competitor

How many times have you thought about installing a photovoltaic plant but did you give up because it occupies a huge space?

Solqube is an innovative three-dimensional system that uses an array of solar panels (Scuba). Instead of placing cells in a two-dimensional plane X-Y (occupying a lot of space), it uses the third dimension to save space, so the panels are “stacked” side by side to build a three-dimensional matrix.

Solqube VS competitors


I have a Degree in Engineering Electronic so I have project the first solar panel double face with mirrors (Scuba panels). This vertical panels are used to build next a complete 3D solar system of 1KW in one cubic meter to power your home with a product all-in-one. Portable and easy to use.

Eng. Antonio Boezio CEO & CTO

Choose Your Power of “Cube”!

You can use Solqube Desktop on your desktop to charger any device trough the 2 USB ports (with/without sun). You can use Solqube Smart Home to power all electrical devices in your home and never pay the electric bill!

Solqube Travel Go

Solqube Smart Home

Solqube Desktop

WINNER of...

Startup winner the Climate-KIC accelerato progrma Italy 2018/2019

  • Climate-KIC Accelerator Program Italy 2018/2019
  • Finalist for: Next Energy 3 2019
  • Select for training days: ERG Re-Generation Challenge 2018

  • Solqube is an innovative startup that contributes to the achievement of two of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 UN Agenda: climate change (goal N ° 13) and clean energy (goal N ° 7).