SOLQUBE is the world’s first 3D portable solar system of 1KW in one cubic meter to power your home and your business. Take advantage of the dual interface photovoltaic panels patented (capture more light from both sides) arranged vertically rather than horizontally, saving the occupied area by 80% compared to a 2D solar system (this is because the third dimension, height) is used. Furthermore, the panels of my invention contain reflecting mirror surfaces which allow light to be reflected between adjacent panels, increasing the overall efficiency of the solar system (it is the same principle used in lasers but on a larger scale of power).


How to work?

  • Place Solqube in front of the sun (at 12:00 AM) on your balcony, in your garden,…
  • Use our 5 meter cable to connect Solqube to your home system to power your whole house: plug a cable into the “ON GRID” socket of Solqube and the other end of the cable plug it into any electrical outlet of the house;
    [PS.: You can use the second socket of Solqube, the “OFF GRID” socket, to connect your small appliances directly to Solqube]
  • Turn on your Solqube’s main switch. End!
  • (Optional) If your Solqube has the WI-FI device for electrical consumption, you can use your mobile phone and our APP to see in real time: the power absorbed, the power generated, the supply voltage … and more.

You can buy one or more Solqube to increase your electric power without a “building permit”. The installation of Solqube is made by your-self (very easy, as a generic electrical appliance).

Climate Impact

This idea was born with the aim of bringing large quantities of energy in places where it is lacking (for example in agricultural fields where you need to feed water pumps, small machinery or a house) and at the same time has a huge positive impact on the climate. A great humanitarian goal of this startup would be to provide energy to poor families (think of Africa) that with a 1KW Solqube would have the energy to live better and work better in their main sector, ie in the agri-food field.
Solqube is an innovative startup that contributes to the achievement of three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 UN Agenda: climate change (goal N ° 13), clean energy (goal N ° 7) and sustainable cities (goal N° 11).


Please describe the specific problem that your product or service solves for the customers, the importance of this and what the need for your product is?

How many people don’t want pay the own electrical bill? How many companies  want earn money without work? This is possible with a solar system! The traditional solar system has the disadvantages:

  • need technical installation skills to install it;
  • need more space (3KW take about 20 square meter);
  • need extra space for all devices (batteries, inverter, wires, fuse…);
  • build a 3KW plant is more expensive
  • is not carry.

Solqube Smart Home  can be used in any home that has/or does not have an electrical network. The advantages of Solqube are:

  • is portable (you can use it in any home, on beach, in the camping…);
  • it does not require technical installation skills (just connect your plug to any home outlet);
  • you can build both a Stand alone and ON GRID plant;
  • takes up just 1 square meter and is therefore designed for installation on the balcony (easy and practical);
  • thought to add other Solqubes to the home network to increase their total power;
  • each Solqube reduces the costs of your electricity bill (in average with 4 Solqubes you don’t pay never again the electrical bill for your home);
  • you can earn money to sell the electrical energy;
  • only one cable (from Solqube to one electric wall socket of your home);
  • is all-in-one (all electrical devices are in Solqube).


What makes your business unique and what are your competitive advantage(s)?

The other competitors do not have our patent to create 3D solar systems thanks to our vertical panels. So they will continue to use 2D installations with all their disadvantages. In the future there will be incentives to use solar systems and we make all-in-one systems for every need.

Solqube has a unique business, because the main competitive advantages are:

  • we have a Patent on panels (vertical solar panels double face with mirrors);
  • World’s First vertical Solar system;
  • Use vertical solar panels;
  • Save 80% of space;
  • Used both as Stand alone and ON GRID plant;
  • Good design style;
  • It’s Small & Portable.


Who are your customers and how do you value your relationships with them?

Solqube is ideal for B2C, B2B and B2G.

  • homeowner;
  • companies (interested in creating plants to sell energy);
  • hotels/B&B;
  • nongovernmental organizations (to export Solqube for the poorest families);
  • agriculture (for example for irrigation in fields where electricity is not supplied);
  • municipalities (for example to enhance ancient urban centers or to encourage families to use solar systems).


How do you market your product?

We address both companies and private citizens. Initially our market is oriented to the business world and through an agent sales network we contact potential partners.


Explain the scalability and growth potential of your business concept and why you are confident in its ability to scale and grow

We have win the Climate-KIC accelerate program Italy 2018/2019, and we are more optimist to grow rapidly because we have a patented technology. We participated in the SMAU fair in Bologna to increase our relationships with potential partners and future investors, and we have hear many positive feedback and we have seen the interest of other peoples on this product.

We have been selected for the ERG Re-Generation Challenge 2018 program (with the support of dPixel mentors) to training days.

We have been selected for the NEXT ENERGY 3 2019 program to improve and develop Solqube, and create a partnership with Terna s.p.a.


Which steps are taken to secure IPR and other rights?

We have the Patent: world first vertical solar panel double face (to build 3D solar system) and a Trade Mark: for ours panels patent.


Looking to the future. What are the next steps?

Solqube is honored to win other competitions and search new investors for a just cause: to improve the future of the environment and of people through renewable sources.

How many people in the world do not have electricity yet? They can not cook, warm up, see in the dark or have internet…have a fridge to store food or medicine. A great humanitarian goal of Solqube would be to provide energy to poor families (think of Africa, Brasil, India).

Winning this competition would help Solqube reach new investors who believe in this project, and there may be non-governmental institutions interested in helping these less fortunate people in the world. Gain more exposure online/offline of Solqube can increase the “visibility” and, so, help new people and the environment because decrease the emission of CO2. Do you like Solqube and its good goals?


Which fields/tags are your startup involved in?

Cleantech | Energy | Urban Planning | Natural Resources | Products | Smart Grid | Clean Energy | Renewable Energy | Infrastructure | Smart Cities | Solar Energy | Cleaning Technology | Smart Home |  Green Technologies | Installations related to construction (energy, lighting…)