Scuba panel double face with mirrors for 3D solar system

Scuba™ Panel: The New Double Face Solar Panel!

Have you ever thought of catching 360 degree solar light?
Have you ever thought of creating three-dimensional photovoltaic panels to save space?

Today this is possible and is called Scuba™!

Scuba panels double face with mirrors - front and back
Scuba panels double face with mirrors – front and back

Scuba™ Panel VS SunPower® Cell

Comparison between the Solar Cell: Scuba and SunPower. The Scuba Solar Panel has a larger angle to capture light (theoretically 360°) but sunlight is present from 6:00 AM to about 18:00 PM (angle of light captured theoretically at 220°).

The Mirrors Increase the Efficiency!

Scuba Solar Panel is designed for the realization of 3D solar energy systems.
It uses multiple reflection of sunlight with mirrors. Reflection provides a uniform light throughout the cell.

Array of Scuba panels - proof concept
Array of three Scuba panels – proof concept

How to use the Scuba panels?

Scuba panel born to create an array of solar panels and build a powerful 3D solar system.

A Scuba panel is positioned vertically (ie “standing”) side by side with another Scuba panel, creating a three-dimensional matrix structure (ie a 3D photovoltaic system). The photovoltaic system that uses vertical panels is called the EST-WEST type. While if the panels are positioned horizontally (ie on the ground), a classic SOUTH type plant is created.

Image source: Sanyo Energy Corporation via Solar Electric Supply


Image Source: Gamma Solar via NREL
Image Source: Gamma Solar via NREL