Solqube Smart Home  can be used in any home that has/or does not have an electrical network to power your electrical devices and decrease the cost of your electrical bill. With only 3 Solqube Smart Home you will not pay your electrical bill forever! If you have a company or a piece of land, you can earn money without work because you can project a big solar system in your land if you connect many Solqubes in series to increase the total power and, so, sell your energy.

How to work?

  • Place Solqube in front of the sun (at 12:00 AM) on your balcony, in your garden,…
  • Use our 5 meter cable to connect to your home system: plug a cable into the Solqube socket and the other end of the cable plug it into your home electrical outlet
    [PS.: You can use the second socket of Solqube to connect your small appliances directly to Solqube]
  • Turn on your Solqube’s main switch. End!
  • (Optional) If your Solqube has the WI-FI device for electrical consumption, you can use your mobile phone and our APP to see in real time: the power absorbed, the power generated, the supply voltage … and more.

Who are the customers?

Solqube is ideal for both B2C and B2B.

  • homeowner (to not pay or decrease the own electrical bill);
  • companies/peoples with a peace of free land (interested in creating plants to sell energy);
  • hotels/B&B;
  • nongovernmental organizations (to export Solqube for the poorest families);
  • agriculture (for example for irrigation in fields where electricity is not supplied);
  • municipalities (for example to enhance ancient urban centers or to encourage families to use solar systems).

What is the maintenance?

It is necessary to change the internal battery every: 4 years if it is AMG or GEL type; 10 years if it is of the LITHIUM type. [It can be easily replaced following our instructions attached to the product.]